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Create — Memorize — Share

Memorizing lists of facts

You are a student, or you are a member of a quiz team, or you just like memorizing facts and figures. With Listy you can create lists, memorize them, and share them with other people.

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Create lists

Build up a list item by item, as a text, or upload a file. Multiple file formats are supported.

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Memorize lists

Take your lists with you on your mobile device and memorize them with the Listy app wherever you are.

Or use your computer to learn lists by heart.

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Share lists

Your friends or fellow students have to memorize the same lists as you do. Share lists with others and tap into the collection of shared lists in order to find the lists you need. Find lists fast based on name, keywords, or any text in a list.

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And more ...

If memorizing facts and figures is not what you are looking for, Listy can also be used to manage lists that you keep for reference, that you use often, or that you like to share with other people.

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